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Faithfully Yours



The “Faithfully Yours” four-book series is what I call rock star romance and was inspired by my longtime love for British rock stars of the 1980s. In fact, I started writing my first novel at age 11, back when Duran Duran dominated MTV, radio, and teen fan magazines. I’m a proud child of the “awesome eighties.”

These novels are an expanded version of a story I wrote as a preteen. It’s amazing how that romantic tale remained in the back of my mind through high school, college, early marriage, kids, and my day job as an accountant. After I read the “Twilight” series in 2010-2011, I was inspired to dig out my old notebooks from under my bed and re-write my beloved story.

When I first began writing Never Let Go (Book One), I didn’t give much thought to themes or a faith message. I just wrote for entertainment. The first book is about summer love and teen romance, long-distance style and all that entails. Never Fall (Book Two) is a much heavier read, as it deals with substance abuse, miscarriage, and attempted rape, along a backdrop of rising fame. These situations carry into the third book, Never Change, as the characters continue to cope with the aftermath in the height of the band’s fame. After I felt called to bring in a more Christian worldview, gradually my characters learned how to put their faith in God during good and bad times. Never Give Up (Book Four) again features substance abuse as well as identity issues and temptation when marriage is hard.

I’ve included resources on my Finding Hope page for those seeking help or more information about these subjects.

Praise for the Faithfully Yours series

“Carol delivers characters who are real and flawed and redemptive, wrapped up in a charming story of overcoming challenges life often throws at you.”

Teresa Tysinger

“Anne's writing is very smooth, and she's a great storyteller that puts a lot of emotion into her writing. Beth and David came alive for me, and I was able to feel the love they had for one another as well as the struggles they were both having.”

Jenny Hanson

“Never Let Go. It's a bit of rock-n-roll, British charm, and a lovable romance all rolled into a love one never forgets!”

Karen Kelly

“Never Give Up was full of hope without being a ‘Pollyanna’ story. To tackle how addiction affects a whole family is not for the faint of heart, and Carol does this with honesty and tenderness. I enjoyed how this book finished off the series! Looking forward to more books from this author!”

Missy Meyer

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