Faithfully Yours – Book 3

Never Change

the Faithfully Yours series: Book 3


Two souls becoming one…

The marriage of David and Beth Somers has survived many challenges in its first three years. The London guitarist, still faithfully devoted to his wife, has a new dream which pushes him to remain strong as he recovers from drug and alcohol addiction.

Ready to take on a new adventure, Beth and David discover they still have a lot to learn about marriage. Through many ups and downs, the young couple realizes it takes more than love to make a relationship thrive.

It takes commitment.

When Beth and David are gifted with a new blessing, they feel rewarded for all the heartache and tragedy of the past few years. Life on the road with Vinyl Fog, David’s band, becomes a three-ring circus, yet the changes are embraced by all.

But just as things are going well, an illness hits a loved one, forcing Beth to leave the tour and move in with her parents. Temptations surround David, now that his wife is away. Meanwhile, Beth turns bitter as she questions David’s commitment to his family. Will their marriage survive this separation, or will their souls remain one, even as life changes around them?

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